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The team of doctors at the Hernia Centre Switzerland is led by the head physician, Dr. med. In addition to Dr. Pöschmann, the core team of surgeons also includes Dr. med. Jürg Knaus.

Enrico Pöschmann, MD

Subject areas: Hernia surgery, Vascular surgery, Traumatology

Jürg Knaus, MD

Subject areas: General surgery, Visceral and vascular surgery, Thoracic surgery, Transplant surgery, Reconstructive surgery

Associated surgeon at the Thalwil ZH site is Dr. Cristina Strub.

Dr. med. Cristina Strub-Antonucci

Subject areas: Hernia surgery, Visceral surgery, General surgery, Proctology, Traumatology

Associated doctor of the Hernia Centre Switzerland at the Dielsdorf ZH site is Dr. med. Silke Spahn.

Dr. med. Silke Spahn

Subject areas: General surgery, Traumatology, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine

In the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery, we work closely with Dr. med. Angelo M. Biraima and Dr. med. Katja Kassem-Trautmann.

Angelo-Medard Biraima, MD

Subject areas: Reconstructive surgery, Aesthetic surgery, Hand surgery

Dr. med. Katja Kassem-Trautmann

Subject areas: Plastic surgery, Aesthetic surgery, Reconstructive Surgery

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Mission Statement

The team at the Hernia Centre Switzerland specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of hernias.

Individual diagnosis for hernias

Do you suspect a hernia, have you already been diagnosed with a hernia by your GP or…

Aesthetic medicine

In addition to hernia operations, we also offer procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine.


In general, you should expect a recovery period of 2 to 6 weeks after an operation.


An incarcerated hernia is always an emergency and must be repositioned (moved back under ultrasound control) within…

Hernia operation

Depending on the surgical technique, a hernia operation is performed under general anaesthesia or with a peridural…