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Chronic groin pain


In the case of chronic groin pain, we use a detailed differential diagnosis to determine what is causing the pain.


Especially in the groin region, various triggers for the persistent pain are possible: damage to the hip joint, muscle or tendon injuries, a hernia, nerve injuries or diseases of the urinary and genital organs. Therefore, an interdisciplinary clarification by doctors from different disciplines is important.


We work closely with orthopaedic surgeons, neurologists, urologists and pain therapists. We use ultrasound examinations, magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography and targeted diagnostic infiltrations to get an accurate picture of your case.


In about 10% of all groin operations, the patient subsequently suffers from chronic pain. One speaks of chronic groin pain if the complaints persist for 6 months after the operation.


Chronic groin pain after surgery can manifest itself as follows:

  • Occasional pinching in the groin
  • Weather sensitivity
  • Burning or electrifying pain in the groin and/or genital area.
  • Sharp pain just before or during ejaculation
  • Pain during urination


Detailed knowledge of previous operations, neuroanatomical knowledge and the involvement of other specialists for further clarification form the basis for a precise analysis and possible treatment proposals.


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With the involvement of pain and physiotherapists, we will advise you and, if you wish, draw up a treatment plan that will exhaust all possibilities, from physiotherapy and pain medication, TENS (Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation), infiltration treatments, pain therapy to surgery, in order to be able to treat you in the best possible way.


We are happy to support you with second opinions, diagnoses or advice on a therapy plan.

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