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For referrers

You can reach us by phone at 044/ 720 88 11. For a referral, you can upload reports and medical records via the contact form,
send them to us at the email address info@hernienzentrum.ch or fax them to 044/ 722 19 11.



Hernia Centre Switzerland

Main location Thalwil / Zurich (ZH)

Consultation with Dr. med. Enrico Pöschmann
Head Physician Hernia Centre Switzerland AG

Kirchbodenstr. 72
CH – 8800 Thalwil ZH

T +41 (0) 44 720 88 11
F +41 (0) 44 722 19 11



Examination-Site Pfäffikon SZ

Consultation with Dr. med. Enrico Pöschmann, with Dr. med. Knaus or with Dr. med. Eisoldt

Churerstr. 54
CH – 8808 Pfäffikon SZ



Examination-Site Dielsdorf ZH

Consultation hours with Dr. med. Enrico Pöschmann or with Dr. med. Schär

ADUS Clinic Dielsdorf
Breitestr. 11
CH – 8157 Dielsdorf ZH



Examination-Site Schaffhausen

Consultation hours with Dr. med. Enrico Pöschmann or Dr. med. Pusel

Private Clinic Belair
Rietstr. 30
CH – 2800 Schaffhausen



Contact form


Please attach existing documents, reports, examination results, as well as ultrasound images when making a referral.