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Individual diagnosis for hernias

Individual diagnosis for hernias

Do you suspect a hernia, have you already been diagnosed with a hernia by your GP or are you suffering from a recurrent hernia?


Our specialists at the Hernia Centre Switzerland can help you competently in each of these cases. We are also happy to support you with our experience and expertise for second opinions.


During the diagnosis, the doctor will first go through your medical history with you and then examine you by physical palpation to see if it could be a hernia. With the help of an ultrasound, the doctor can often verify the diagnosis very quickly. The procedure also makes small hernias visible inside the body. In most cases, such as an umbilical hernia or an inguinal hernia, these examinations can already narrow down what the problem is.


If further investigations are necessary, the following techniques can be used:

  • X-rays taken with the help of contrast media are helpful in diagnosing diaphragmatic hernias, for example, or can show whether there are loops of intestine in the hernia sac of the hernia.
  • Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are used to determine the size and exact location of internal hernias.
  • A gastroscopy can provide information about the situation and the severity of the hernia, especially in the case of hiatal hernias.

In addition to the individual diagnosis, we at the Hernia Centre Switzerland also draw up a detailed treatment plan tailored to the patient, if this is desired. With regard to your age, state of health, the size and origin of your hernia, we show you the options for treatment and provide you with the necessary specialists. Of course, we take into account your secondary diseases, medication, social aspects and your wishes.


Our specialists will be happy to take the time to show you the differentiated options for treating your hernia and offer you the entire spectrum of open and minimally invasive surgical methods.

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