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The Hernia Centre Switzerland values individual and personal aftercare. The time directly after surgery is essential for successful healing. Our head physician, Dr. Pöschmann, and the colleagues from his team conduct daily rounds on patients and are thus your direct contacts for concerns, questions or possible complications.

Even after you leave the hospital, Dr. Pöschmann and his colleagues will continue to provide aftercare for you at the various practice locations, by telephone or even via video calls. To ensure optimal care and follow-up, the doctors are also in direct contact with your family doctor. If you experience pain or other problems after an operation, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Pöschmann outside of practice opening hours and call him on his cell phone at 079 534 13 43.


In general, you should expect a recovery period of 2 to 6 weeks after an operation. After observing the prescribed rest periods, the patient can do anything that does not cause him/her pain.


You will find the recommended rest periods and tips for optimal aftercare summarised in a printable PDF under the respective surgical technique. The aftercare for diaphragmatic hernia surgery is summarised in a separate PDF.


Diaphragmatic hernia surgery

Bruising and swelling after surgery

Often patients are unsettled when bruising or blue discoloration occurs at sites other than the puncture sites (e.g., on the testis or penis) after minimally invasive surgery.

The puncture sites are usually only used for inserting the surgical instruments, but the operated wound areas are located elsewhere in the body. Bruising in the regions of the internal wound areas is normal. However, if swelling or redness occurs in the operated area, you should contact us immediately.


If you are in doubt, send Dr. Pöschmann a photo of the affected area to the mobile number 079 534 13 43 and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

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