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Treatment at the Hernia Centre Switzerland

The Hernia Centre Switzerland is your competent contact for the treatment of hernias / fractures, but also chronic groin pain, sportsman’s groins and rectus diastases. Our team of specialised surgeons has a Swiss-wide, but also international network of specialists and clinics with whom we cooperate in order to be able to guarantee optimal treatment and medical care.


Our team of doctors works with the latest medical technology and keeps up to date with the latest scientific findings. We are also active members of the European and International Hernia Societies and the Swiss College of Surgeons. This enables us to treat our patients with the gentlest possible procedures that promise the greatest possible chances of recovery with minimal downtime.


Awarded by the German Hernia Society, we bear the label of internationally certified competence centre for hernia surgery and are the right contact for you, especially in complex cases.


Depending on the type of hernia, there are various possible surgical methods. We work with open as well as minimally invasive surgical techniques and, of course, robot-assisted surgery. Our specialists advise the patient which procedures are suitable for the size and complexity of your hernia. They take into account age, state of health, medication and social aspects when making their recommendation. During a detailed communication, the advantages and disadvantages are weighed up together with the patient so that a tailored treatment concept (tailored approach) can be created for your personal situation.

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