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DaVinci surgical robot

The Hernia Centre Switzerland has the possibility to work with the DaVinci surgical robot for minimally invasive procedures.


In the robot-assisted surgery system, the surgeon controls four robotic arms via a console. State-of-the-art lighting technology and a three-dimensional camera enable the operating doctor to see a tenfold magnified 3D live image. The individually selectable surgical instruments can be controlled with millimetre precision and automatically compensate for involuntary tremors on the part of the surgeon.


The highly precise movements performed with the robotic assistant, but always controlled by the surgeon himself, allow smaller incisions and the sparing of surrounding healthy tissue. The surgical robot arms can be rotated without limitation in all directions and can thus perform movements that would be impossible with the human hand. This offers massive advantages for the surgeon, especially in hard-to-reach areas where microsurgery is required. Due to the multiple magnification and 3-D view, fine structures such as nerves and vessels are less damaged. Advantages for the patient are less blood loss and faster wound healing.


With the DaVinci robot, various procedural techniques (TEP/ TAPP) and complex reconstructions of the abdominal wall, for example in scar hernias, can be performed with high precision during minimally invasive operations. Dr. Pöschmann from our team is trained for operations with the DaVinci system and experienced in its use. We will be happy to advise you in detail whether you can benefit from using this system.

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