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Healthy belly after birth

Mother of two Valentina T. (29). suffers from her rectus diastasis.

Patient Valentina T.::

“After the first birth, I was diagnosed with a rectus diastasis, which was reformed quite well thanks to physiotherapy and exercises. Although I did everything as I did then, my belly still stuck out so much and acquaintances on the street asked me when the next baby was coming. When I played tennis, I had the feeling that my torso and stomach were somehow unstable. “

Dr. Pöschmann::

“On palpation and also on the ultrasound it was clear that she had developed a rectus diastasis in the highest stage. The distance at the linea alba was 6 cm, which could not be corrected with physiotherapy alone. There was also a small hernia above the navel”.

Patient Valentina T.::

“Especially after eating, the belly stuck out so braodly. In the middle of the belly, you could sometimes even feel the intestinal loops.

Dr. Pöschmann::

“We were able to correct this with a minimally invasive operation. Afterwards, the patient had to take it easy for 6 weeks and wear an abdominal belt. Afterwards, I prescribed her physiotherapy and medical training therapy so that she could rebuild the stability of her trunk.

Patient Valentina T.::

“Today I can put full weight on my body again during sports and I feel stable in the middle of my body. After the operation, it took a while for the overstretched skin to recede. This summer I was even able to wear a bikini again. That would have been unthinkable 2 years ago. I am very grateful to Dr. Pöschmann for that.”