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Rapid assistance in an emergency

Master bricklayer Bruno W. (31). suffers a hernia at work.

Patient Bruno W.::

“I was lifting a cement bag when I suddenly felt a very strong, stabbing pain in my groin. There was a kind of bulge sticking out in my right groin. One of my colleagues told me I had to see a doctor immediately. Luckily, he knew Dr. Pöschmann and knew that I could be examined and treated there quickly.”

Dr. Pöschmann::

“The patient came to us with severe pain. I treated the acute pain with painkillers and then examined him. The ultrasound showed that he had suffered a hernia with loops of small intestine trapped in the hernia. Due to the constant supply of fluid in the small intestine, the trapped hernia was also unable to come unstuck on its own. “

Patient Bruno W.::

“Due to the severe pain and the size of the hernia, I had to be operated on immediately. Dr.Pöschmann immediately organised another doctor from the Hernia Centre Switzerland and only two hours later I was prepared for the operation at the See-Spital Horgen.”

Dr. Pöschmann::

“In a laproscopic operation, we were able to move the intestine gently and without damage back into the abdominal cavity. We treated the hernia gap with the TAPP technique and closed it stably with a synthetic net. The patient was kept in hospital for one night for monitoring. In this particular case, we gave him a two-week rest period after the procedure.”

Patient Bruno W.::

“After my recovery period, an ultrasound was used to check that the mesh was in the right place and had healed well. The three stitches that were necessary for the operation healed well and quickly. I can do all activities on the construction site again without discomfort or pain.”