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Quality of life in old age

Pensioner Willy M. (73). could no longer hike because of his untreated hernia.

Patient Willy M.::

“The hernia in my groin didn’t affect me for a long time. But in the last few years it got bigger and bigger. It bothered me when I went hiking and I couldn’t take part in the usual mountain tours. That’s why I contacted Dr. Pöschmann and asked for a hernia belt. “

Dr. Pöschmann::

“Wearing a hernia belt would have weakened the muscles and the abdominal wall even more and could not have prevented a possible entrapment of the hernia. The hernia had to be operated on. However, it was important to take into consideration that the patient had already suffered a heart attack and was taking blood thinners to prevent a second one. “

Patient Willy M.::

“At my age, I didn’t want to have surgery anymore, that’s why I put off treating my hernia for so long. At 73, you don’t put something like that away so easily.”

Dr. Pöschmann::

“Together with the patient, we agreed on an open operation according to Lichtenstein. We were able to perform this under local anaesthesia so that the patient’s heart and circulation were hardly stressed. If the hernia had become trapped and an emergency operation had to be performed, we might have needed a general anaesthetic and there would have been bleeding because of the blood thinners. Finally everything went without complications.”

Patient Bruno W.::

“If I had known it was so easy, I would have had the hernia treated much earlier. After only one week I could move normally again. This spring I was back on the Schatzalp for the first time in 1.5 years. I didn’t think I’d get to experience that again!”