There are several surgical methods suitable for hernia treatment depending on the type of hernia.

The following information applies mainly to inguinal hernias, as these occur most frequently. The sketches shown only offer an overview and are intended to provide a first insight. Special technical requirements, accompanying illnesses, medication use and social aspects do determine a customized therapy.

There is no actual surgical standard for the treatment of umbilical and incisional or other forms of hernia. Each case is assessed individually by our specialists, also taking into consideration the age, health status, size and status of the hernia. All options are weighed against each other and their advantages and disadvantages discussed with you before a treatment tailored to your personal requirements is agreed upon.
This is what makes our hernia centre unique in Switzerland. Our specialists take the time to develop a differentiated approach to treating your hernia and offer you a comprehensive range of open and minimally invasive options.

What surgical procedures are available?

Here is a schematic, first overview about the treatment of hernia.

Mesh-free procedure

In the past, the Shouldice procedure was standard in the treatment of hernia.

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Mesh repair method

The use of a mesh, be it synthetic or biological, has many advantages. It offers fast recovery after surgery.

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