You will be thoroughly examined in our medical practice. The latest ultrasonic technology is available in Thalwil for this purpose. After a confirmed diagnosis we will discuss the surgical options with you before you undergo surgery in one of our partner clinics.

The best procedures

In addition to traditional hernia surgery methods (open surgery), we also offer successfully established surgical techniques from abroad (e.g. Rutkow-Robbins procedure). Furthermore, we are specialized in minimally invasive techniques - keyhole surgery. We perform surgical procedures in the abdominal wall (TEP) and by means of laparoscopy (TAPP). We offer the complete range of treatment options for inguinal hernia / umbilical hernia / incisional hernia as well as all other types of hernia and are therefore able to personalize your treatment to your special needs. 

Synthetic mesh and biological mesh

We mostly treat hernias using a synthetic mesh. Compared to mesh-free surgical techniques, this option achieves accelerated healing after surgery, a quicker resumption of normal physical activity and thus a shorter period of disability. The risk of relapse decreases markedly.

The use of biological mesh is recommended, but is a private service not usually covered by your health insurance. Don't hesitate to ask!

Modern, well-equipped operating theatres

Our partner clinics offer state-of-the-art operating rooms. You will be treated by specialized hernia surgeons accompanied by a team of professional anaesthetists and nursing staff, looking after you and your medical and non-medical needs at all times.

Duration of hospitalization and after-care

The duration of hospitalization is completely dependent on the induvidual recovery of the patient. 10 -14 Days after the surgery we offer an outpatient after-care check-up.

You will receive after-care instructions on our information sheet. Check-ups are planned in after 3 months, 1 year and 5 years. These appointments should be kept, because this allows us to check the clinical success and thus the quality our work.