Modern diagnostics, a complete range of surgical techniques, as well as proven materials (synthetic and biological) in the hands of our best surgeons topped with the expertise of our partner clinics allows for customized, successful therapies.

Continuous data collection and analysis ensures that we meet our quality standards on a daily basis.

Our surgeons and medical staff undergo continuous training in order to not only turn into a national reference centre, but also an international competence centre for hernia surgery.

We work closely together with industry and research and will gladly inform you about ongoing projects on request.

We keep up with the progress!


Partner Hospitals

•  Adus Klinik Dielsdorf
•  Klinik Pyramide Zürich
•  Limmatklinik Zürich
•  Paracelsus-Spital Richterswil
•  Privatklinik Bethanien Zürich
•  Privatklinik Belair Schaffhausen
•  See-Spital Horgen
•  See-Spital Kilchberg
•  Spital Einsiedeln
•  Spital Lachen

Cooperation with industry

•  Bard

The company Bard offers synthetic and biological meshes for hernia surgery. Some promotional product related  information can be found in the following links:

   ONSTEP Animation
   Animation ECHO Innovation
   Ventralex ST Technique guide
   Ventrio ST Technique guide
   3Dlight Technique guide
   Ventralight ST; Sepramesh und Comp L/P Technique guide
   Lehrmaterial web op (für Chirurgen)

Other companies provide these promotional materials on the websites.

•  Covidien
•  Novomedics
•  KCI medical