Mesh reinforcement procedure

The use of a mesh, be it synthetic or biological, has many advantages. It offers fast recovery after surgery. In most cases, the patients can resume their normal physical activities after 1-2 weeks. This is in contrast to the mesh-free procedure, which requires a recovery period of 6-8 weeks. It also significantly reduces the likelihood of the recurrence of the hernia (relapse).

Meshes can be inserted during open surgery by abdominal incision or using a minimally invasively approach, i.e. the keyhole procedure. The difference is illustrated in the two schematic drawings below.

There are two types of mesh reinforcement procedures: Open surgery and minimally invasive procedures:

Open surgery

Despite all technological progress it is often indicated to treat hernia with open surgery. Read about 2 methods for treating inguinal hernia.

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Minimally invasive procedures

Minimally invasive surgical procedures are becoming more and more important. Learn more about the benefits of this procedure and the treatment option details.

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